How to log in CoinKeeper 3 if you don't have a profile

  1. Open CoinKeeper 3 and click on Try.
  2. Choose accounts necessary to you from the offered list. To continue (to pass to the the choice
    of expense categories) it is necessary to choose at least one account.
3. To change the currency of your profile, click on the line Russian ruble.

4. Choose the currency from the list. You can use search section to find the necessary currency quicker. The icon of the main currency chosen by you will be displayed in blue color.

5. After the choice of currency and accounts, click on the blue button Create Accounts;.
6. Choose expense categories necessary to you. In the free version of the app you can create no more than 10 categories. To continue setting up the profile, you need to choose at least 1 expense category.

If you choose more, than 10 categories, instead of the "Add Category" button you will see "Buy Premium" button.

With Premium and Plus subscription you can create unlimited amount of categories.

7. Choose the necessary tariff to get the full functionality.

In CoinKeeper 3 there are two types of tariffs: Plus and Premium.

Get Premium tariff to get multiple access, i.e. to log on into your profile from different devices, create unlimited number of expense categories and income sources, add tags to transactions and to set flexible periods of budgeting.

Get Plus tariff to benefit all advantages of Premium, except one - Plus tariff implies no possibility to synchronize your profile on other devices.

Switch between tabs on the screen of the choice of tariffs to purchase Plus or Premium subscription.
8. If you do not want to use advantages of Premium or Plus tariffs, choose ≤10 expense categories and click on "Create Categories".
On the screen with the list of tariffs click on Continue free in the right top corner.
9. Subscribe to CoinKeeper newsletter or pass this step, click on Pass in the right top corner.